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In 1990, I was glad to see the birth of the Business and Professionals Federation of Hong Kong (BPF) as a pioneer think tank founded in succession to the Group of 89 members of the Basic Law Consultative and Drafting Committee.
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As a non-political, non-factional think tank in Hong Kong, BPF has and always will put the overall interests of Hong Kong above those of individual sectors. We do not shy away from controversial issues, be it political reform, health care reform, retirement protection, minimum wage or broadening the tax base.
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Dinner Discussion: Dr the Hon Marvin Cheung, 13 March 2009

BPF is most honoured to have invited Dr the Hon Marvin Cheung, Chairman of the Airport Authority, to speak to us on "Why do we need a Third Runway?". This will be a good opportunity to listen first hand to the Airport Authority Chairman on Hong Kong's air transport infrastructure, and exchage ideas about future developments.

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